Vegetable seeds

Broccoli & Cauliflower


F1 Nevada

Excellent hybrid widely adapted for production in the rainy season and dry season. Cycle 75 - 85 days, very homogeneous, plant of good vigor and excellent coverage of the pellet. This reference is distinguished by its head is very white, firm and heavy, suitable for fresh market and industry.
Farminiz - Nevada F1

F1 Altar

Excellent alternative to the "hollow stem". Half cycle, adapted for production in the rainy season and in dry season. Vigorous plant, with compact heads and rounded, green with fine medium grain, half a kilo or so.
Farminiz - Altar F1

F1 Twingo

Plasticity and quality The range of average cycle most widely recognized for its plasticity of use combined with high quality. Pellas an excellent coating of leaves, white, dense and very homogeneous. The farmer uses the cauliflower for its uniformity and plasticity in terms of dates and locations and their commercial rate close to 100% in large populations.
Farminiz - F1 Twingo



Mirage F1

Type "harper" long life. It has a good ability to set and high productivity. The fruit is harvested easily and reach a very high sugar level. They have a beef with intense color and have excellent preservation, both internally and externally, to meet the requirements of fresh-cut and the fresh market.
Farminiz - Mirage F1

F1 Mandacaru

Security for export. It is notable for its high sugar content and taste, and your skin smooth and attractive color of its fruits. Because of its excellent preservation and the firmness of its flesh.
Farminiz - Mandacaru F1



Golazo F1

The early Already famous in the Cauca Valley in Colombia for its precocity and productivity, GOLAZ F1 has an exceptional post-harvest behavior. His vigor gives half a controlled growth and giving a high yield of 250 grams fruit stand.
Farminiz - Golazo F1

Zen F1

A collection of resistors ZEN F1, has a very vigorous plant providing excellent coverage. The fruits of such Lamu, have a thick wall and reach a bright red color at maturity. These resistances will help to produce in areas affected by viruses (TMV / PVY :0,1,1-2 / PepMoV / PepYMV) and bacterial 3 races (Xv: 1,2,3).
Farminiz - Zen F1

F1 Twingo

Spectacular wall thickness and size, TWINGO F1 is characterized by high productivity and quality of its fruits. Its very uniform yellow color and excellent form throughout the entire cycle make it a solution for the industry. TWINGO Industry F1 chooses for its high percentage of recovery in the process, minimizing waste. Thanks to the heavy weight pro-environment and the great homogeneity of its fruits, TWINGO F1 has a high level of recovery in the fresh market.
Farminiz - Twingo F1

Determined Saladette tomatoes


F1 Halyana

The TYLCV not bother them more. HALYANA F1 is a new solution for whitefly virus or spoon, TYLCV. This saladette determinate growth develops a compact, vigorous plant with exceptional fruit load. This hybrid has a deep red color and excellent strength even when fully mature. F1 HALYANA longer defined as a new generation of tomato in Colombia.
Farminiz - Halyana F1

F1 Logyna

The solution for TYLCV, unrivaled ... Hybrid (type Rio Grande) very productive LOGYNA F1 allows Colombian producers reap high returns in areas affected by the virus tomato white fly or spoon the TYLCV.
Farminiz - Logyna F1

F1 Palace

Red fruit and firm. Vigorous plant that should not be over-fertilize with nitrogen in the production stage. Intermediate maturity, fruits of excellent large and extra large sizes. Excellent adaptation to problem areas of the spoon virus (TYLCV). Resistance to V, Fol 1.2, and intermediate resistance to TMV TYLCV.

Saladette indeterminate tomatoes


F1 Boshara

Oblong HR ToMV / V / Fol: 1,2 / For / M vigorous variety, especially adapted to long-cycle crops. Oval fruit with good color good looking, red at maturity, very hard and homogeneous throughout the culture.
Farminiz - Boshara F1

Pacal F1

HR ToMV / V / Fol: 1,2 / M IR: Excellent TYLCV virus behavior of whiteflies (IR: TYLCV). Plant early maturing, good coverage and outstanding productivity. Extra fruit firm-size and high quality (bright red uniform).
Farminiz - Pacal F1


High productivity, firm fruit and good quality. Tolerant to TYLCV.
Farminiz - Atala

Round Tomatoes


Pietro F1

By their fruit large, firm, and its rustic plant highly adaptive to different conditions. To open field and greenhouse, in cold season and warm, the plant is vigorous with good leaf coverage and short internodes. The cluster of 5 to 7 fruits of uniform size maintains its high caliber (250 - 300 gr) and number of fruit bunches to the top
Farminiz - Pietro F1

F1 Syta

Redondo indeterminate HR ToMV / V / Fol: 1,2 / Ff: A, B, C, D, E / M The hybrid life-long large-caliber (250 g and more). Excellent round format, very uniform, perfect blossom end. Very prolific. High performance premium. Outdoor as low emissions. To cultivate a short course (6 - 8 clusters) as long-winded reaching 20 to 22 clusters. Resistance to nematodes.
Farminiz - Syta F1

F1 Kartier

Indeterminate tomato salad. Vigorous plant with good coverage of fruit and floral closure. Excellent fruit size (240-260 grams) red. Long shelf life with exceptional strength. Open field and greenhouse.
Farminiz - Kartier F1

F1 Champion

Good size and post-harvest conservation. Good setting high temperature HR ToMV / V / Fol: 1,2 / M. Redondo, Indeterminate, internodes short, high productivity by presenting high number of fruits per cluster.
Farminiz - Campeon F1

Carrot - Eggplant


F1 Figo

Berlicum large carrots 25 to 28 cm long and 4 to 7 cm in diameter, cylindrical, smooth orange excellent internal and external. It has excellent foliage, strong, for manual or mechanical harvesting. Ideal for bagged or networks.
Farminiz - Figo F1

F1 Galine

Shiny black, consistent and very productive. Ejaculation. It has an open floor for easy collection.
Farminiz - Galine F1

Radish - Watermelon



Plant leaves short and solid. Roots round bright red, very smooth with good conservation. Versatile with good tolerance to hollow.
Farminiz -  Jolly

Nelson F1

12 to 15 kg Hybrid Crimson Sweet type. Top performance and uniform size. Tolerant to Fusarium and Anthracnose.
Farminiz - Watermelon

Lettuce - Semi-Cos


Parris Island Cos

Volume indeterminate medium green
Farminiz - Parris Island Cos


Dark green HR: Bl :1-12, 17.18 IR: LMV
Farminiz - Grazziela




Variety of blue-green foliage. White bole, cylindrical, uniform.
Farminiz - Nepal



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